Clansman/Cougar cable NSN 5995-99-653-0491

This cable is available for £7-10 from a couple of EBay sellers (search for “Clansman H-39 handset wiring” or “Clansman cord assembly”) , and could be useful for connecting up Racal Clansman or Cougar kit.

It ends in an Amphenol plug, part no. AB06-6221-10-07PF-01.  Its pinout is:
A (microphone) – Red wire
B (mic return) – Green wire
C (10V power) – not connected
D (audio/data) – Orange wire
E (ground) – Blue wire (joined to braid around Red wire)
F (PTT, channel/crypto data) – Black wire
G (squelch/CTS) – not connected

As you’d expect for a mil-spec item, it’s very well made, including a nylon strain-relief cord tied off to a steel toggle-pin inside the connector.  But… there is a white wire, which is terminated with the same type of crimp as the other coloured wires, but at the plug end of the cable it’s trimmed off and not connected to anything! What a massive D’OH!

It’s very fiddly, but I was able to open up the plug and solder a new piece of wire from pin C to the end of the white wire.  (You need to use large pliers/plumbing grips and a rag to avoid scratching the paint too badly, as there is locking compound applied to the threads.)  Getting the connector reassembled with the toggle-pin in the right place is fun (not).  With DC power connected through, it becomes a lot more useful!

Alternatively, Ebay seller MartinJarvisMultiband has two versions of the plug for sale (message him if none currently listed), and Lapp cable type 0034307 LIYCY from Ebay seller 123dls-industrial works quite well with it (though doesn’t have the nylon strian-relief cord).


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